Flat/Corrugated Sheets

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Flat/Corrugated Sheets

Available with 2 options either flat surface or corrugated with our corrugated sheets having parallel rows of folds that look like a series of waves when seen from the edge. One of the biggest advantages corrugated sheets have over flat sheets is the extra strength the corrugations give them. Adding rigidity along the entire length of the corrugations and strength in bending, the sheets are prevented from sagging

Corrugated GI

Corrugated PPGL

Thickness Range 0.15mm~1.5mm
Width Range 800mm ~ 1250mm
Inner Diameter 508mm / 610mm
Coil Weight Maximum 25MT
Tensile Strength 270-500N/mm
Coating Magnesium / Aluminium / Zinc Coating 40-275g/m²
Implementation Standards Q320623ACQ01-2019
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