Armor Steel

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Armor Steel

ARMOR STEEL is pretreated steel foamed with synthetic resin on both the surface and back by a unique foaming process at extreme high temperatures.

It combines both the advantages of steel and synthetic resins. It is an innovative material for building systems providing long service life with high resistance to corrosion, fading, climatic and mechanical damage.


  • Maintenance Free
  • Weather Resistance
  • Cooling Effect/ Heat Insulation
  • Color Retention
  • Fire Resistance

Suitable applications for the following:

  • Corrosive industries
  • Coastal areas
  • Chemical factories
  • Metallurgic plants
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Mining areas
  • Power station
  • Printing and dyeing plants
  • Waste plants
  • Leather workshops
  • Electrolytic/ Electroplating plants
  • Food and drug workshops
  • Agricultural and breeding industries
  • Coastal areas
Thickness Range 0.15mm~1.5mm
Width Range 800mm ~ 1250mm
Inner Diameter 508mm / 610mm
Coil Weight Maximum 25MT
Tensile Strength 270-500N/mm
Coating Magnesium / Aluminium / Zinc Coating 40-275g/m²
Implementation Standards Q320623ACQ01-2019
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